A day late but NOT a dollar short!

I had intended to get my giveaway post up yesterday. I kept procrastinating all day though…every time I thought about coming in here to put it up there was something else needed doing. Dishes to wash, trash to take out, or a shelf to dust. I finally sat myself down and had a talk with me. It seems I was dreading it because I had gotten to thinking it was going to be complicated. So I told myself to scrap everything I had already planned and just Keep It Simple!

Since simple is what I’m good at, that got my enthusiasm back and I had the post about halfway done when the phone rang and I had to go pick up the hubby. Then it was bed time. And now it’s time for breakfast and feeding all the animals. Then I have to visit my mom and grandmother for a bit. Then I will finish the post. Barring death in the family or a natural disaster (or unnatural) I will have it up by 4pm central time.


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