Earthquake and disaster preparedness

Edited on 12/21/2017 – Because there have been a few more earthquakes since this was written as well as several other disasters, such as hurricanes, floods, and tornado.  You need to be prepared.

Watching the news about the earthquake in Japan got me to thinking about what would happen here in an earthquake. Japan is the worlds leader in earthquake preparedness so if they have problems…things would be really bad in other countries.

Here in northeast Arkansas we are almost on top of the New Madrid fault. This area is where the worst earthquake to hit the eastern US happened back in the early 1800s. We have been told for years that another big quake could hit this area and that it would do a whole lot of damage this time because the population is much higher now.

I decided to some more reading on disaster preparedness. FEMA has a website with a preparation guide for disaster planning. There is also a website called 72 hours that has a lot of good information for disaster planning.

If you own a business you should also check into what needs to be done to make sure your business survives an emergency. Comparitech has a great article about making disaster recovery plans for businesses.  If you don’t already have such a plan you should get on that. Before you need it.

This is something everyone should do even if you don’t live on a fault line…there are plenty of other kinds of disasters that could hit you.  Tornados, fires, and floods happen pretty often in the US and there are others less likely but possible.

In my case most of the items needed are already available. We do need to have more water stored though. That has been put on my shopping list. How about you?


  1. Yes as a family it is good to discuss the plan for emergencies like this. IN WI I really only have to worry about Tornados and bad winter storms.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Creative Kitchen! Nice to meet you :)

    We live in South Florida so we deal with hurricanes…have had 3 major ones blow thru here back in 2004/2005. Hope we are good for another 100 yrs…LOL!

    Denise @ Creative Kitchen

  3. Former Girl Scout married to a former Boy Scout – we went through all the emer prep steps and have a kit and plan – need to check and update, though. Thank you for the reminder!

    Stumbling you back :)

  4. After the earthquake in Japan, my husband ordered a 4 person delux survival kit from Amazon and went to Costco and bought 10 (yes 10) cases of water. (We do live in CA, about 90 miles east of San Francisco) Check out his blog next week. I'm sure he will have a review of the kit once he has a chance to look over it good (it came Fed-Ex yesterday and he hasn't seen it yet)

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