Enter to win a handbag

(Edited June 2013). I first posted this back in 2011. I just checked again and they are still going strong. Lots of nice handbags you can enter to win.

This place is constantly running giveaways for Handbags. They are supposed to be designer. I don’t know enough about Handbags to tell myself but some of them look really nice. Some of them I don’t like at all though. I guess that is just a matter of taste. In any case it is nice to have a chance to win one.

They have several giveaways running at once. One is a monthly giveaway. One is bi-weekly and another is weekly. Check them out….you can’t win if you don’t enter!
Handbag Handout


  1. Thank you for following me via "Follow Friday 40 and over". I am now following you, too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Will have to check out that handbag giveaway – my daughter loves them as much as she loves shoes!

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