1. Following you back! Loved your mandatory entry post on the "Pretty Neat" giveaway! My whole house is also in dire need of an overhaul! I just picked the desk because it was the only thing I felt comfortable showing on line, lol!

  2. @Amanda
    No I have a progressive hearing loss. I was actually sent to public school because my speech and speech reading were good enough they said I didn't need to have sign language or speech therapy. My parents could not afford to do anything just by themselves either.

    I have taken a few classes on my own but since there is no one in my family who knows sign language and none of my friends do either…I have forgotten most of it. You and your son have each other to practice with so that will make it easier..and more fun too.

  3. @Tina

    I followed you and tried to leave a comment but for some reason the comments form on your blog is not working for me.

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