A Happy Day!

Today is a happy day for me. For three reasons.

First my husbands birthday! It was a good one. Really good. A flea market crawl and dinner out. He loves going to flea markets and yard sales so he had a ball even though he only bought one item.

Second my bookmark from Aquariann came in. It is pretty! She also sent a magnet with it that has a pretty picture on it which is now on my fridge. I really like the bookmark and it even has a plastic cover to protect it from damage and keep it pretty!

Third my giveaway ends tonight! Isn’t that great? I’ll be glad to find out who the winner is. And I bet the winner will be really happy to find out.

I think maybe next time I’ll do an amazon gift code giveaway. Everyone seems to like those. I do too. But I’m probably going to do some book giveaways also. I need more room to put all the ones I’m winning. On the other hand I could just give those away too. What do you think?


  1. Just stopping by to visit and follow from I love my online friends.
    Where did you get your book mark from?
    I am looking for a large quantity…

  2. Thanks for stopping by and following! You should definitely get a Kindle; it is worth every penny.

    Glad you had a happy day. :)

  3. I am now following you from the hop. Please, help us reach our goal of 1,500 friends so we can offer great prizes. Thank you, Amee from MadameDeals.com

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