Health, safety, and chickens!

There is a post over at Community Chickens by a lady who raises chickens and is also a FEMA volunteer. The article is about infections and diseases you could you be exposed to when raising chickens and the actions you should take to help prevent them. It is a really good article and it has information that pertains to everyone who spends any time outside even if you don’t have chickens.

It also contains some links to her blog where she has information about raising chickens. One of her posts is about someone getting into their roosts and killing some of the chickens. They are apparently located in an area where there is not much access to food. She gives eggs to anyone even if they can’t pay for them. She also has a link asking for some help on their farm. If you live anywhere near there and want to do some volunteering. It might be worth checking out.

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  1. How weird! I subscribe to the Community Chickens email, but I don't even have chickens. We were going to get some, but now I'm not sure we will. Long story! It was just funny that I came here and that is what you were posting about. :o)

    Anyway, thanks for the follow. I'm here to follow back.

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