Spitting in Public

On the way home after dropping the hubby off there was a truck in front of me. At every single stop the truck door would open and a man leaned out and spit in the road. That was just gross. Even if he just had a tooth pulled or something like that…why in heck can’t the man use a cup or something?

My reaction got me to thinking about “the old days”. I would have said “good old days” but since they used to have spittoons just about everywhere for men to spit in…I am not at all sure they were all that good. I don’t think I would liked that. Besides which they didn’t have hot water heaters either. Not to mention indoor toilets.

I’m glad to be living in a time with a lot of conveniences. Now if we can just get men to stop spitting…


  1. Tobacco chewer. He's a "cool guy." Worked with a bunch of Army dudes who couldn't sit through a single meeting without a damned spit cup, bottle, or can. Disgusting. But – maybe if dudes would quit spitting they could be taught to not pee all around the toilet bowl too? Signed, "No wonder I have no libido" in Tuscany xo

  2. I am soooo with you on that, Elle. Yuck yuck yuck. I'm not sure that us wishing it is going to make it go away… But, I am also thankful for the time we live in!

    Thanks for following my blog, and I'm following you now!


  3. ROFLOL! I'm only 42 and I remember when my grandparents did not have a bathroom in their farm house. It wasn't built on until I was about 15. I used to use the chair-style pot in Granny's bedroom. I don't recall men ever going back there, so I guess they all went outside. (I guess the less I know about that, the better!)

    I also remember taking baths in a big tin tub in the kitchen. When I got "too old" for onlookers of the male variety, we used to lock the kitchen door so my grandfather, uncles, and male cousins wouldn't wander in during bath time. But, of course, my grandmother, mother, and probably several aunts and female cousins were in there. LOL! We lived far away back then and could only visit about once a year. when we came, everyone dropped by! Community bath time! What memories!


  4. Yeah, I don't have any desire to have lived in the good old days. And thank heavens none of the men I know chew tobacco.

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