A Spring Blog Hop And Art Shop

 Check out this blog hop and add your link. It is for all spring so you have plenty of time to check out all the sites!

While you are there check out her Etsy shop. She has some beautiful art there. I bought a bookmark. It was irresistible..really it was! It has a dragon on it! Surely you see that I couldn’t possibly be expected to resist that. Especially since I really really NEED a new bookmark…the old one I have is all bent up. I can’t use an old bent up bookmark if I’m going out in public can I?? Of course not. I just hope my husband believes that. It didn’t cost all that much though so he won’t really mind. So long as I don’t do it often lol.

aquariann's Spring Blog Hop


  1. Thank you so fairy much for joining my hop and blogging so sweetly about my art! And for buying a bookmark, of course. I hope it doesn't get you in trouble with your husband!!

  2. @aquariann Me too lol! I got it today by the way and it was very nice. I think he will like it too and that will keep me out of trouble! Thank you :)

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