Things are progressing…slowly!

Slowly but surely. Some progress has been made anyway. I have found out that a great many people think all websites need a terms of service page as well as a privacy policy and sometimes even more stuff. Some of those folks are lawyers …but since other people agree with them I guess they are probably not pulling a fast one.

I can see why you need a privacy policy if you are gathering any information at all from people. I’m not entirely sure of the reason for needing a terms of service on a blog…but they seem to think you do even if you are not having giveaways or doing reviews. If you are doing reviews or giveaways they view it as a dire need. I guess some bloggers somewhere must of got in some big trouble sometime. Since I have no desire whatsoever to get in big trouble or even little trouble..I’m gonna put one up.

In any case I have spent the last couple of days trying to figure out how to do decent terms of service and privacy policy pages that don’t sound too much like a lawyer lecturing. I don’t feel adequate to just write my own. They seem to think it needs a lot of stuff I know nothing about. I did find a couple of policy generators you can just plug your info into. So I’m going to use one of those for now. It might not be pretty but it should get the job done…I can work on making it pretty as we go along.

If any of you guys have any suggestions or know anything about this stuff I would love to get some good advice! Unless I get such advice, objections, or snide comments…those pages should get posted this evening or early tomorrow. And then the giveaway!


  1. Hi Elle,

    There are a few typos and a few things which could be reworded on the Privacy Policy page:

    For example there is an opening parenthesis "(Cookies are small files…." but no closing parenthesis.

    The second sentence has a capital "E" for enter.

    I would say "When you participate in a giveaway you will be asked to provide your email address. If you are selected as the winner, you will be asked to provide your…" and "You may also visit our site anonymously."

    Less awkward.

    There are semi colons used instead of bullets for "to administer a contest & to send periodic emails."

    Just a few things to consider…

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