Bricor Showerhead Giveaway at Quick Tattletails

Yep Quick Tattletails is giving away a Bricor Shower Head. This is the hand held model. The ones that are really nice to have for bathing dogs and other critters (husbands?).  She says the shower head uses 40% less water and that her bill has gone down some already. She doesn’t say it’s definitely the shower head causing that…But 40% less water…hot water…should make a difference.

There is also a way for you get to $10.00 off if you order one. I’m not telling you how though you have to go read her review! Besides there is a lot more info about the shower heads there. I would love to have this one myself. And of course I entered the giveaway! Several times. And I’m going to enter again too!

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