Finished Reading The Wheel Of Time Books

I finally finished reading the last of The Wheel of Time books. Book number 13 The Towers of Midnight. It took me a long time to read them all- three whole months! I have read most of them several times. The last two I have now read twice. They are wonderful books. They would make some danged good movies if done right.

I like most of the characters…especially Mat. He is my sort of guy. Perrin is pretty cool too. Nyneave I really like…she seems a lot like me. Egwene irritated me this time though. She seems to think she knows everything even after it has been proven to her that she doesn’t(she almost died once). I was wanting to tell her off a couple of times. But even with that I still liked the books. I will be buying the next(and last) one as soon as it is out…maybe even pre-ordering it if I have the money when the time comes. Then I will have the whole set!

I will now pick through the stack of books I have won and bought(at flea markets) lately and start reading something else. I need to do some reviews of the books in my giveaway first.  I have also fallen behind in my contest entries because of reading so much…I was spending much of my free time on those books. Now I can catch up on all the giveaways out there!

I also have a review of some cleaning products to do. I did some work on that today. Not too much but some. I took pictures. A few of them actually turned out good. I think there is something wrong with that old camera. Many pictures were blurry and when I put them on the computer I got corrupted file warnings. I will make do. Hopefully I will have that review up in a couple of days. For now, I’m going to rest. And check my email. My box is full again. Fun.


  1. I used to love to read, but now I spend so much time writing and doing other things, that I never have time for books any more. It's sad really.

  2. @Tony Payne I know what you mean…it seems I have less and less time to read these days. I am going to make darn sure that I some time though…even if I have set up an appointment just for least 15 minutes a day. That doesn't seem like too much to ask. I am enjoying all the other things I'm doing these days though.

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