First Hummingbird Sighting Of The Year

My mom called me a few minutes ago to tell me she saw the first hummingbird for this year. I put some of my feeders out. I have a pic from last year of one of my feeders :

I have some pictures somewhere of swarms of hummingbirds on my porch. I will have to find them…or take some new pictures this year!

In other news : I will be doing a Shaklee review and giveaway in a week or so. That is so exciting! And it gives me an excuse to let things get dirty! LOL.

I am also going to go ahead and give away the books that were on my last giveaway except for The Taking because it got taken! :p  I am debating on whether to do them as separate giveaways or have one giveaway where there are two or three winners…first place gets first choice and so on. Which would you prefer?

And…last but not least…I’m gonna sign up for some of those blog parties that are so much fun. So that means more giveaways…later.

I’m also working on an about page. That is so incredibly hard. I feel like I’m just bragging if I say good stuff but if I don’t then how are you guys and any sponsors going to know how incredibly wonderful I am??

I’m going to be busy. I hope you guys enjoy the results with me! If you have any suggestions please post them or email me. Thanks!


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