For Dog and/or Cat Lovers

Yea the title is weird. Some of you are in that group of really great people who like all animals. Some of you are strange folks who only like dogs. Some of you are REALLY strange and only like cats. No matter which of those groups you fall into Chicken Soup For The Soul has something for you.

Cake Mom is giving away your choice of the Chicken Soup for the Soul : My Cats Life or My Dogs Life. Her giveaway has 3 winners. It ends today so you need to hurry to enter it. I’ve been busy and forgot to post it earlier. Sorry about that. You should enter her giveaway here.

Quick Tattletails is also having a Chicken Soup for the Soul giveaway. She is giving away both books if I’m reading that right. To three winners. Her giveaway also ends soon. So you should go on and enter it here.

While you are here go enter my book giveaway. It has really low entries. Those are some good books on that list! And I’m paying the shipping. Why are you guys not entering it??? Maybe they should be in separate giveaways? You should at least go check it out and enter at least once.


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