Tomorrow’s Garden by Amanda Cabot

Cover of Tomorrow's Garden by Amanda Cabot.

Cover of Tomorrow's Garden by Amanda Cabot.Tomorrow’s Garden follows Harriet Kirk as she takes on the job of schoolteacher in Ladreville, Texas. She has taken care of her younger siblings since the death of her grandparents and never expects to have a home of her own. She meets a handsome Texas Ranger and begins to think it might be possible. Problems arise when two other men come courting and her young brother decides he doesn’t want a new “father”.


This is the third book in the Texas Dreams series. The old characters are still there along with the new ones. Harriet is taking over the school from Sarah. She becomes friends with Isabelle and Priscilla. I love the way her story is added to the towns and continues the story of the other characters as well. A really good book.


Amanda Cabot is an excellent writer. I also really liked the other books in this series: Paper Roses and Scattered Petals. I will be reading any other books of hers I can find.

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