Baby Birds and Other Coming Attractions

We will soon have baby birds on our back porch. Not because we want them but because a small brown bird built a nest on the swing while we were gone. There are either three or four small eggs in there. I couldn’t get close enough for them to show up in the picture.

This just proves that some birds do not have much of a survival instinct. Our dog would be after the babies and probably eat them all before they dry off after hatching. I put a fence around the swing to maybe keep that from happening. It might work. We will see. The eggs should hatch next week. If I can get a picture of them I’ll post it but no promises.

 This weekend we will be having the Freedom Giveaway Hop!  It starts on the first and goes all the way through the seventh of July. So if you don’t have enough to do with BBQing and celebrating Independence Day…you can spend your spare time entering book related giveaways! Today is the last day to sign up if you want to host a giveaway yourself.

 Then from July 11-18 we will be having a Picnic!! Sounds fun doesn’t it? I have always loved picnics. Except for the ants…and the bees. We get all the benefits without the bother! Nice. The Social Picnic offers the chance to make a lot of new friends and followers but also the possibility of winning $500! I think you can still sign up for this one as well.

Besides all that goodness I’m hoping to have my blog moved to WordPress before any of them happen. Before this weekend in fact. Unless I make a royal mess of it. The design will be changing of course. In fact I might not have a real design for a while. Well not a lot of graphics anyway. I’m basically just going for the basics and learning as I go. There is a heck of a lot to learn too. I had no idea how easy they made all this on Blogger. It might take me another 4 months to get it halfway figured out. I like it so far though. Hopefully everyone else will too.


  1. Am blog hopping and am now following yours! Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back! Hope your switching over to WordPress goes smoothly!

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