Getting Moved In To My New WordPress Home

So I have moved to a new home on WordPress. As you can see things are still a mess. The furniture and most of my stuff is all still piled up waiting to be put in place. I haven’t figured out where everything is yet actually. I have no idea where the dishes got off to…

It will take me a while to get everything straightened out. It should go faster than moving  into a new house I hope. The last time I did that it was 6 months before everything got unpacked.  Which is proof positive that I have way too much junk. The blog probably had too much junk too. The junk will get thrown out…the good stuff will get put back up for everyone to see eventually.

In the meantime…if you run across something is obviously messed up, please let me know. I think all the links are working. The feeds and Google Friend Connect should work…if not please let me know!

Other than all that…how do you like it? Any advice? Thanks!

I used the instructions in the this book for moving : how to move from Blogger to WordPress

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  1. I like it! I think it looks nice and clean. I have thought about wordpress but I’m nervous on making the change.

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