I Could Win a Trip To Paris?

Social Spark is having a contest. They say I could find myself strolling the streets of Paris. I’m not at all sure I want to do that. If I could just magically appear on the streets of Paris that would be really cool. That isn’t going to happen though. I would have to go through all the hassle of packing and finding someone to mind the dogs and feed my chickens.

Then figuring out what can go on the plane and what can’t(wonder if they would let you cruise over?). Then the worse hassle of airport security. They keep coming up with new things you can’t carry.

I think staying home is a good  thing to do. It is certainly cheaper. And I don’t want to hear about them paying for the trip…they won’t pay for the shopping and you know danged well a woman can’t go to Paris and not shop! It just isn’t done!

To win (or even be in the running) you have to refer bloggers to Social Spark. There are reasons to join up other than the fact that they run these contests every few months(last one was Hawaii). One of the reasons is that you can earn money by taking offers for sponsored posts through them. You might also get ideas for things to post about even if you do not get picked for any posting opportunities.

If you join up using my link I would earn some money. Which would make me really happy.


  1. I have heard about social spark, but I have not joined, I could definitely use some extra cash and winning a trip would be cool too!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm following you back. Love your blog title – it's crafty!

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