Live Free Or Die by John Ringo

“Of all the warriors of the world
Those of Troy were the most fell
They were those born of Winter.”

This is a quote from Live Free of Die by John Ringo. I really like the way Ringo takes bits of folklore and history and adds them to his stories. He knows his history and folklore really well too. And the battles! I don’t know much about such things but they seem realistic to me. This was a really good read. It started out exciting and pretty much stayed that way. Great story!

The story is that earth has been invaded by aliens. They have dropped rocks on some cities and are demanding all of our metals. At first Earth has nothing to trade that any of the aliens want. Then one man, Tyler Vernon, finds something to trade. The question is: can he keep it long enough to do any good? And what exactly should he do anyway? Is there any way to defend earth against these aliens?

Read the book! It is worth it. Great read.

Oh and I found a video on YouTube that any Ringo fans might want to watch. It is Winter Born. Actually even if you never heard of John Ringo before you might want to watch the video. It is really well done. Nice song too.


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