Need a Counseling Session?

A while back I entered a giveaway over on Silver And Grace. She was giving away one of her Intuitive Mentoring sessions.  What happened was that I did what she called a “brain dump”. I just wrote down everything that entered my head regarding recent problems in my family and life.

I sent this brain dump to her. It wasn’t formatted or in proper grammar nor was the spelling correct. When you do this you are not supposed to pay attention to editing at all. Just get the thoughts out there.

She went through all that crap. Sifted it and made it pretty and picked out the main points. She figured out what was really bugging me. She pointed this out to me. She told me that there was nothing at all wrong with what I was feeling. She also pointed out how the other members of my family were likely feeling though…which I had overlooked being so close to the issue.

This mentoring/counseling session was very helpful. It helped clarify things for me. You might want to try it if/when you run into a problem in your life that is really upsetting you. Just talking with someone outside the problem and getting all the thoughts down on paper can help. You should check out the different options at Silver and Grace.

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