A Wonderful New Author : Patrick Rothfuss

I’ve found a wonderful new Author named Patrick Rothfuss. His second book was on the new arrivals shelf at the library a couple of weeks ago. Somehow I had managed to miss the first book. It must have been checked out pretty constantly for me not to see it. Anyway I found the second one and since it looked interesting and I always like to read series in order if possible, I went and found the first book too.

I just finished reading the second one. These books are huge. I love huge books…it makes the story last you know. When reading a really really good book you want it to go on forever. In this case neither of them was really big enough. I did get to the end eventually (too soon for me). The end of the first one at least led to the beginning of the second. The second one though…well there is supposed to be a third sometime…but it isn’t out yet. I think he is still writing it. I for one wish he would get on with it. I want to know the rest of the story.

You can tell I really liked these books right? The author is an excellent writer. He is a poet too. Whether intentionally or not. There were parts of the second book that I read over several times just to hear the words again. Not only do they rhyme they flow and tickle the mind. Personally I think everyone should read these books. The books are :

The Name of the Wind

The Wise Mans Fear

These are fantasy novels. They tell the story of a boy and his growing into a man. These are books I will read again.  If you liked the Lord of the Rings or The Wheel of Time or even The Talisman you will probably like these books. I checked them out at the library so your library probably has them too. That means you don’t have to pay to read them!

I am most likely going to buy them myself…after trying to win them in the Summer Giveaway Hop coming up soon. Yes I liked them that much! I hope the third book is as good as the first two. Have you read them yet? If not go read them and come back and let me know what you think.

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