How to Move From Blogger to WordPress Ebook

How to move from Blogger to Wordpress.

How to move from Blogger to WordPress is a Pdf book. You can download it and read it pretty quick. It has instructions for every step of the move from Blogger to WordPress. It starts with getting your own domain name and ends with your new WordPress blog all set up.

how to move from Blogger to WordPress

This is what I used for my move. I got a copy and read it. Then I read it again. Then of course…I read it again! I wanted to be sure I knew what I was doing and had all my duckies lined up. I was scared out of my mind pretty much actually. I figured that no matter how well written the directions were and how closely I followed them…something was gonna go all pear shaped.

Since you are reading this post you know things went pretty well. I did have some trouble finding some of the files she talked about. But that was just from looking in the wrong place at first. I should have spent more time looking around the hosting dashboard and seeing where everything was before I started. So if you are doing this…make sure you know the neighborhood before you start moving stuff!

I followed directions and everything went pretty well. I did have to do the import a couple of times because it didn’t get them all. Then it got stuck and when I restarted it ended up doubling everything. So I had to go to the files and delete the content and start over. That was frustrating but it did work out the second time. I have no idea what the problem was either.

In any case I survived. My blog survived. With some changes. I didn’t even try to move the design. I have been told that you can do that. I wouldn’t want to try it myself though. You can hire folks to do that for you. Blogelina has a team of folks that do complete Blogger to WordPress transfers. That would be a lot easier. It does cost money though. She also has classes on how to build a better blog. You can learn a lot by taking those. I did. I’m still learning from them.

Disclosure: The links in this post are affiliate links. I would make some money if you used my links and bought something. I have used the eBook but not the Blogelina transfer service. From being in her classes I do know that Blogelina knows a heck of a lot about blogging. If you can afford it that would be a great alternative to doing it yourself.



  1. I got the email about your feed readers – I just switched to wordpress and all of my readers went with me. Do you need some help? How many days ago did you transfer? Mine dropped from 1700+ to 340 for like 2 days and then it went back to normal…not sure why it did it but I do have all of my followers/feed readers etc…

    If you need help email me – nicole @ and I’ll try to help you get them back.

    1. Thank you! I’m not sure when it went down. At first they were all there. Then yesterday they were all gone. :( I will email you though. Would love to have them all back.

  2. Congrats on your move to wordpress! You will enjoy it as well as the Thesis theme (I love it!). Read your email about loosing some of your feed followers- following again. :)

  3. I moved from blogger to WP recently, too. I hired Blogelina to do because I wanted to move my design. Now that I’ve been playing around with WP, I’m thinking of changing my design anyhow!

    I was planning to resubscribe to your feed prior to receiving your email about your feed issue. My blogger feed was hacked, so I created a new one for WP…my followers (and subscribers) have dropped from nearly 500 to under 100. :( I feel your pain.

    Your new site looks great – and congrats on doing it yourself!

  4. WordPress is so much better than blogger. I have one of each! I intend on moving blogger blog one of these days. Perhaps I’ll need to read this book first. Thanks for the info!

    A Happy Stumble Through Thursday to you :)

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