L.E. Modesitt, Jr. Recluce Series Book Giveaway (closed)

Want to win a book from the Recluce series? I have been collecting the books in this series. In the process I bought a couple of big boxes of books on Ebay. Which means I ended up with extras.  That turns out to be a good thing for you because I’m giving away the extra ones.

I love these books. I have read the whole series through twice so far. You can read more about the series and the author over on Tor.com. They have several articles about the series and the author. It seems Recluce is more than 20 years old now. Time sure does pass quickly once you get over that 30 year mark.  It doesn’t seem like it has been anywhere near that long.

Oh well let’s get on with it before I get to old to post anything.

I have five Recluce books.  They are all used paperbacks and on one the cover is torn at the back. They are otherwise in good  shape. They should last another 20 years if you are careful. I was going to give them away one at a time. They are taking up room on my desk though so I have decided to do them all at once.  But I haven’t decided whether to give them all to one winner or one to 5 winners. So I’m making that question part of the giveaway.


The titles are :

icon The Towers Of The Sunset

icon The Magic Engineer

icon The Death of Chaos

icon The Chaos Balance

icon The Order War

For the mandatory entry be a GFC  follower and leave a comment telling me if you think they should all go to one winner or if there should be 5 winners. And if you go with 5 winners tell me which of the books would be your first choice to win.

For extra entries you can follow me on Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Facebook, Friend me on Facebook, and sign up for my feed for one entry each. The links for those are in the right sidebar. If you subscribe by email you can get two extra entries for that. The email subscription form is in the left sidebar. Please put each entry in a separate comment (because that is easier for me!)

I forgot to add that you can also tweet once per day for one entry per day! (sorry about that-I’m getting old!)

The giveaway will end August 11th and is for U.S only. The winner will be emailed and will have 48 hours to reply. I will email them again after 24 hours if they have not responded. The book will be mailed as soon as possible after that. I am NOT responsible for whatever the mail system does or doesn’t do. I will put a tracking code on the package just in case.

Good luck!




  1. I think they should go to 5 winners, so that anyone who hasn’t finished a set could potentially get the next book. For me, I haven’t gotten around to reading Modesitt yet, so I’d want to start with the first one.

  2. Even as an avid reader, I would have to say the books should go to 5 winners. I am not sure which book should be the first on the list, I have read many Tor books but have not read any by this author but I am sure they are all just as good as the other Tor books I have :)

  3. I say spread the love around…I like most people who haven’t read them yet would prefer the first book but would be thrilled with any of them!

    Thank you very much!

    mmafsmith at gmail dot com

  4. I think one person should have the opportunity to read all of them, I would first like to read The Death of Chaos

  5. follow via GFC and I think there should be 5 winners and since I haven’t read any of them, then I would like any title

  6. i follow via GFC. I think it should be split among 5 winners and i would like the Magic Engineer

  7. They should probably be split up, giving more people the opportunity to enjoy your books. I haven’t read your THE CHAOS BALANCE yet, so that would be my choice.

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