Make Your Own Snow Cones!

You can make your own snow cones with a Carnival Style Snow Cone Maker. I want one! Isn’t that cute? I remember snow cone stands from fairs and carnivals years ago.  This one will fit on my kitchen counter. I already have a snow cone maker that shaves ice into little bits. But it isn’t this cute. It is just plain black and doesn’t have the holders.

I guess I can’t really justify buying another one just because it’s cute. However, if you don’t already have a snow cone maker…well you know you NEED one! Really you do…just ask your kids. Or grand-kids.  They are having a %15 off sale right now too.

Nostalgia Electrics™ SCM-502 Vintage Collection™ Carnival Style Snow Cone Maker Now 15% Off! Valid through August 2nd. No promo code necessary.The snow cone maker I have is a Hamilton Beach. It works well except for the ice cubes getting stuck every now and then. It doesn’t quite shave the ice but does get it really small. I have been making snow cones just about every day lately since it has been so hot. I usually wait till just after taking care of the chickens because it is really hot out there! Eating a snow cone can really cool you off! I don’t use the snow cone syrup though. Most of that seems too sweet to me. I make mine with Tang. Or cool aid. It works.

Do you make snow cones? What are you doing to stay cool in this heat?


  1. I’ve only ever liked the strawberry ones, but I’m picky that way. I was wondering the other day about William, who has never had a Sno-Cone. Will have to get one for him and see what he thinks.

    1. I love strawberry but my favorite flavor for the ones you can buy is coconut. At home I usually just use Tang.

      Those Hawiian shaved ice snow cones are nat.

  2. Hi! Those snowcones look great! I am returning the follow from Thank so much for stopping. We really appreciate it.


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