Which Would You Prefer?

Would you prefer a book giveaway with several books to choose from? Or several giveaways with one specific book in each?

The last couple of times I did book giveaways I had a list of books and the winner got to pick which book they wanted. I’m wondering if you might prefer to have each book in a separate giveaway? I might have to let some of them run longer. I suspect some of those books are not exactly popular. Buf if folks prefer that way…It would allow me to run more giveaways.

So please leave a comment telling me which you prefer.

If you are not subscribed to my feed please do that too. I had a problem with it and lost my subscribers. I may have gotten that fixed. I would still love to have more subscribers even if it is fixed. So please subscribe to my feed! You can use whatever reader you prefer. Thank you!


  1. I think I would prefer a giveaway with one specific book. I feel like the people who enter it really want to read it, and would appreciate winning a little more. And that way I can hop over to their site and read their review!

  2. I prefer several giveaways with one book in each because more people will have a chance of winning compared to just one giveaway. It will be even better if the giveaways are international, but that’s just me. =)

  3. I prefer having more chances to win, but sometimes it really all depends. Sometimes grouping books by style are good, but I do like having more chances to win. If the books are “unpopular,” you may struggle to get lots of people to enter. You might need to pair the book with “swag” of some kind.

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