Get Ready To Party-Upcoming September Events

Yep you need to make sure you have all your party clothes ready. Might want to buy a couple new outfits. There are several events coming in in September and you won’t want to wear the same thing to all of them!

Some of them might need some tight scheduling too. Two of them start on September 1st!

The Back to the Books Giveaway Hop and The Social Picnic  are both happening during the first week of September.





Then in the middle of September we will have the Palooza event. That one should be a lot of fun too. There is still time to sign up for that one as well…the cost for August is $15 and it goes up to $35 in September so if you are wanting to join do it quick!





At the end of September there is the Banned Book Hop. That one will be all about Banned Books of course.

Of course the Giveaway Gala is happening right now and will continue till September 5th. If you haven’t entered yet you should. There are fabulous cash prizes including $500 to the grand prize winner!


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