The Harry Potter Movies 1-6

My hubby wanted some movies to watch on his days off and the video store didn’t have any new ones he wanted to see. So he decided that since neither of us had seen any of the Harry Potter movies we should get them. So he rented movies 1 through 6 of the Harry Potter series. And we watched them. All of them.

The really amazing things is that HE actually did watch them. This is rare. He mostly only watches action flicks and he likes the ones that are relatively short. His attention span is fairly short. It actually shocked me that he watched the first one all the way through…but then he wanted to see the next one! And he actually watched it!

Those of you who have seen these movies are probably not surprised. Those who haven’t…you really should see them. They are wonderful movies! Very much fun to watch. Not just for kids. I want a broom stick myself. After all it wasn’t just kids flying around on those! I’m not sure that the good stuff would make up for the bad though…so it’s good they are just movies.


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