Want to be an Author? Top Self-Publishing Services

Reading your favorite author’s work and constructing books reviews is a great way to enhance your skills—your get to practice honing on your writing techniques and you can gather inspiration from the pros. But what happens when you’re tired of commenting on other people’s books and want to start working on your own piece? Will all your hard work go to waste or can you get it published? Getting a reputable publishing company to represent you may be difficult, but if you have no luck in that department you can still get some exposure by considering self-publishing in a digital format. To learn some of the two best options, continue reading below.

Pub it—This service, which is a byproduct of popular bookstore chain Barnes and Nobles, is an incredibly easy way to get your book to millions of e-book readers in an instant. All you have to do is create an account (for free) and then follow the directions to upload your book and cover art. The service will automatically convert the pages to format to the Nook (Barnes’ and Noble’s e-reader) and will be ready for purchase online—you have the option of selecting the price at which your book will be sold and can monitor all of your sales. You will receive all of the royalties from your sales as long as you don’t breach the agreement you’re required to sign. Of course the process is not all that simple. You will first need to fill out a large questionnaire regarding your target audience, enter product data, and select some key words you would like your book to be associated with so that Pub it can send the right readers to your piece, but it’s a great way to instantly submerge your book to a large audience.

Lulu—This service is extremely similar to Pub it in the sense that you can upload your book, cover art and then have the option to select an appropriate price to sell your book for. But the huge difference is that it will first give you the option of converting your files to pdfs so that the Lulu community can purchase your material directly from the site; then it will give you the option of creating an ePub formatted eBook—these types of e-books can be downloaded to most major eReading devices (not just the Nook) so essentially you can reach an even broader audience.

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