Kim & Scotts Gourmet Pretzels Review

We received a coupon for a free box of Kim & Scotts Gourmet Pretzels.  It took me a while to actually find them at the store. They are in the frozen food section but they sell out pretty quick.  So if you are going to get some I recommend you buy several boxes when they are in. I wish I had gotten more than one box.

My husband loved these. He would have eaten another box of them. There were two pretzels in a box and they are fair sized pretzels but he was still wanting more and a bit upset that we didn’t have any more. I was lucky he actually let me taste them.

I liked them too but not as much as he did. The ones we tried were the Grilled Cheese Soft Stuffed Pretzels. They have several different stuffed pretzel varieties  including cream cheese, pizza, and chocolate crumb.

The pretzels are ready to heat and from frozen only take about 60 seconds to heat in the microwave. My husband liked that too…he was hungry when he got off work and didn’t want to wait for anything to cook. That makes these a great choice for when you are in a hurry.

They are made with all natural premium ingredients including whole grains. They have no trans fats and no preservatives. And there are some gluten free ones too!

The pretzels are available in many different stores but they do tend to sell out quickly. There is a store locator on their website  with a list of stores where they are sold.

You can follow them on Twitter and “like” them on Facebook too.

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