Real Simplicity: Making Room For Life by Rozanne & Randy Frazee Review

Real Simplicity: Making Room for Life is a wonderful book with lots of great ideas for simplifying your life.

They contend (with evidence) that the stresses of modern life have shortened our lifespans, make us ill, make chronic diseases worse, and are a prime cause of the disintegration of families.

They say the stress of modern life also is a prime cause of what they call “crowded loneliness”.  That many people are lonely even though they interact with many other people every day. The interactions are only on the surface and people NEED intimate relationships.

They say that you can choose to change the way you live. To become more connected to other people. This will reduce the stress on you, your partner, and your children. Maybe even your friends!

The book is divided into 4 parts. The first describes the problem, the second describes the solution, the third talks about the obstacles to solving the problem (bad habits and child raising myths), and the fourth is about how to actually make the changes needed.

From the back cover:

What If You Could . . .
*get all your work done by 6:00 p.m.?
*eat dinner with your family every night?
*form deep, satisfying relationships?
*naturally blend the world of church with your everyday life?
*spend hours a week on your hobbies?

You can! Real Simplicity reveals how to make all of these things a reality. Not by working faster or having more gadgets, but by simply choosing a lifestyle of conversation and community over a lifestyle of accumulation.

The Frazees’ practical, motivating insights call you back to the kind of relationships and life rhythms you were created to enjoy. In Real Simplicity, Rozanne and Randy show you how—and why it’s so important—to balance work and play, establish healthy boundaries, deal with children’s activities and homework, bring Jesus to your neighbors, and build authentic bonds with a circle of close friends.

This expanded version of Making Room for Life includes insights and practical ideas from Rozanne, especially for women. Included are recipes, small group ideas, and an ancient but timeless time management plan.

About the Authors:

Rozanne has been on the journey to ‘Real Simplicity’ for 29 years with her husband, Randy Frazee. She has been a pastor’s wife for 20 of those years. She is mother to 4 grown children, and has one granddaughter. Rozanne loves running, reading, cooking, interpreting for the deaf at her church, spending time with family and friends, playing with her granddaughter and mostly spending time with her husband and best friend Randy.

Randy Frazee is senior minister at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas. He is the author of The Connecting Church, Making Room for Life, The Christian Life Profile Assessment and Renovation of the Heart Student Edition. A graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, Frazee and his wife, Rozanne, have four children.


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog from the hop and following. I am following back…I also entered your Bold’s Palooza Giveaway Hop…keeping my fingers crossed… :)

  2. I’m a sucker for these types of books. I’ve always liked the simplify your life books by Elaine St. James. It is something you always need to work on though. This sounds like a good addition to these types of books.

  3. This sounds like and interesting title. Life does have a way of getting complicated, which often means a rethinking of priorities.

    Visiting through the Wednesday Curious Blog hop.

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