September Blog Events

There are four more events coming up in September. I hadn’t realized that there were that many.  I’m thinking that is TOO many. Just because it is getting hard to keep up with them. I think maybe two a month should be enough…what do you think? Do you participate in events? How many do you do? How do you keep up with them? Any suggestions will be welcome!

Anyway in just two days we have the Palooza! Two days folks! Get ready! It should be a fun hop. Lots of really good prizes will be available on the participating blogs. The minimum prize value will be $20 and several of them are offering prizes much higher in value.






Then we have the Rafflecopter Round Up starting September 21st. It is hosted by Simply Stacie and Makobi Scribe. The minimum prize value on that one will be $25. This one should be a lot of fun too.
Rafflecopter Round Up Giveaway

Then on the 23rd of September there is the Follow Frenzy hosted by Tales From The Nursery and Formula Mom.





And last but definitely not least there is the Banned Books Hop from September 24th to October 1st.  This one is hosted by I Am A Reader Not A Writer and will of course be a giveaway featuring books. Banned Books in fact. Or gift cards to buy books. It should be a fun hop too.

These are just the ones I’m participating in. There a few more out there if you are looking for some good giveaways to enter. Simply Stacie has a directory of Blog Giveaway Events. She has a good list already and it is growing. If you have an event coming up you can add it to her list too.

Remember  to come back and enter all these giveaways! And please let other folks know about them by sharing my post! Thanks!

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