Toilets, Family, And Blood Pressure

Hi folks! I intended to post a review today but it wasn’t quite ready this morning and life happened. So that has to wait till tomorrow because I’m too tired to do a good job of it now.

So I’m just going to update you guys on the happenings in my little bit of Northeastern Arkansas. Some of them anyway. I’m not going to tell anything that might make you sick! Really! I wouldn’t do that.

I’m still on blood pressure medication. A low dose that also helps get rid of excess water. The nurse practitioner said that was part of my problem and since I do feel a great deal better over all I’m taking her word for it.

My mother is preparing the back bedroom area of her house so that my grandmother can move in there. My grandmother can’t remember to take her medicine in the morning and we think she is also forgetting to eat. She always claims she has just eaten when we are there but we are pretty sure she just thinks she did.

I’m not sure how they will get along. And my mother isn’t sure if my grandmother will stay or not. She isn’t going to make her if she doesn’t want to. Not yet anyway. That might happen eventually though.

My stepson went back to Michigan this past weekend. So we have our house back to ourselves. Which mostly feels really good since he was sleeping in the living room floor. He almost got stepped on a few times.

And then this morning…just before we were to leave for my hubbys doctor appointment, the toilet decides to stop working correctly. It just kept running, and running, and running. So we had to go spend more money getting the parts needed to fix it. Which hubby did of course as soon as we got home.

And then I came in here to try to work on my post and the server had blown up. Apparently the hosting company were doing upgrades(which I’m all for!) and it took longer than expected. I was freaking out a bit when my site wouldn’t come up though.

Which brings me to now…I’m tired, stressed out, and still have to go fix supper. So I’m going to wait till tomorrow to work on my review post.

How did your day go?


  1. Elle,
    I’m your newest GFC follower!! I came accross your blog from Blogelina’s Online Rewards Community,I just joined today.(great site).
    It’s great that your mother is going to look after your grandmother,I hope it works out for her. I’m only 33yrs.old and my memory is terrible,I will take my medicine and then 20mins later I will try to remember if I took it or not.I have to write notes for myself everywhere! It is terrible to not remember things. You grandmother is blessed to have you and your family to look after her.My grandmother is so stubborn.She would put up a fight before she would go live with another family member! lol,, anyways I’m glad your feeling better(as far as the low dosage) and your computer is back up.

    Please feel free to swing by my blog to say hello:
    Shannon’s Tales of Motherhood

  2. Hi!!!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to leave a comment. I am looking forward to reading your great posts!!!!!

    Lioness- Your Newest Follower

  3. First of all thank you for coming over to Mommy2Nanny3Doggy1 :)

    Now I feel your pain! It was been a Horrible, terrible, no good very bad day! Ok well week!

    It sucks when that happens but you just need to put your head up and say “this will not last forever”

    It helps me a bit

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