Turbine Points For Lord Of The Rings Online Giveaway(closed)

In honor of the Rise of Isengard expansion I am giving away a gift card for Turbine Points that can be used in the Lord of The Rings Online store. (Picture is blurry- sorry about that- couldn’t get a good angle.)

Turbine points card.

Those of you who don’t play online games probably know someone who does or who would like to try it. If you know a gamer with a birthday coming up this would make a great gift. Anyone who plays The Lord of the Rings Online would love to get this gift card as a present! Just trust me on that. Or ask them lol.

If you haven’t played the Lord the Rings Online then you might want to try it now.  It is downloadable and it is free to play. You don’t even have to have these points to play. The points do make some things easier to get because you can just buy them instead of hunting for them but you don’t actually NEED to buy them.

Some points are earned while playing the game as well. You can make enough points in the game to buy most of the quest packs without spending any money.  And of course you can get these gift cards just about anywhere that sells them including Wal-mart(where I got this one).

If you already have a Lord of the Rings Online account then you will want to enter this one! The gift card has 1600 Turbine Points! That will buy quite a bit. It is more than enough to buy the new raid and is about half the amount you need to buy the expansion quests.

Since the latest info I could find says the expansion will be out on the 27th I’m timing this to end at midnight on the 26th. So the winner might even get the points in time to use them to buy the expansion! Or if you are like me and already pre-ordered so you got all the goodies…you can still use it to buy all the new items or buffs.

This is an actual Gift Card that I bought myself. The winner can either give me their address and I can mail it…or I can email them the code.  If you want it mailed you have to live somewhere it won’t cost me an arm and a leg to mail it to.  That’s it! Just enter on the Rafflecopter form below. If it isn’t showing please refresh the page. If it still isn’t working…email me and let me know!


    1. OK, i think there might be a problem with the Rafflecopterthingy…

      You will notice it shows me as entered twice on the “Follow” and on the daily Tweet. I performed the function in each only once. Both times I got a message after a breif time the said something like “Oh noes, it messed up” and then it finished right after.

      So basically those double entries are not intentional. It’s Rafflecopter goofing up somewhere.

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