Scary Big Money Giveaway Hop (closed)

Welcome to the Scary Big Money Giveaway! This is a blog hop and giveaway hosted by Tethered Mommy.

One lucky reader will win $75 and another lucky reader will win $50! This is an international giveaway and open to anyone who can receive Paypal payments.

But you can’t win if you don’t enter so be sure you do all the entries.  You have to do all Facebook pages in order to enter.

Everything else is extra entries. Also be sure you fill in the extra info the form asks for such as your twitter ID or Facebook ID. If we can’t tell who you are  your entries will be deleted.

Some extra entries ask you to  follow on Google Friend Connect but the widget isn’t showing up…in that case try refreshing the blog page. Sometimes that helps. If the widget still isn’t showing then you will have to try that entry again later. There is nothing we can do about it if GFC decides to have a nervous breakdown during the giveaway.

This giveaway is using Rafflecopter and if the form isn’t showing please refresh the page. If that doesn’t fix it please let me know.  You only need to enter the giveaway on ONE of the blogs participating in the hop. Multiple entries will be deleted.

I’m having to post this a bit early as I am NOT going to stay up till after midnight when I have to get up at 5 am and the scheduled post doesn’t always work correctly. The form will not work till just after midnight on the 17th. So if the form is not active just come back later…the giveaway runs till the 1st of November so you have plenty of time!

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