Where Do You Keep Your Money?

There was an article on Yahoo news this morning about Bank Transfer Day. Apparently Those folks occupying Wall Street are trying to stage another protest involving banks. They want everyone to move their money out of “BIG” banks and into local banks or Credit Unions.

This started because of the new debit card fees apparently. I don’t use my debit card for much…and I’m glad too cause that 5 bucks a month is going to add up and it will hurt. You might not think so at first but $5 a month comes to $60 bucks a year. That is almost enough to pay for my web hosting, it would cover prizes for several giveaways, or pay for several dinners out.

Which means if the bank takes that money…I won’t be going out to dinner as much. Which makes me mad. I like going out to dinner and it doesn’t happen that often as it is. I also like buying books…I could get several books for the money the bank wants to take in fees.

Which means of course that I am all for this transfer of money. So long as the place it is moved to has lower fees of course.

Unfortunately my money is already in a smaller local bank and they do not have high fees(so far). So I have no reason to join in this movement myself…yet. I am keeping an eye on my bank though and if they start raising fees…I will be looking for a new place to stash my money.

What do you think about this protest?


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