Cotillion by Georgette Heyer Review

This is a wonderful book. I think it is my favorite of her books. I like all the characters in it even the “bad” guy.

The good guy is one of her Mark II heroes. He isn’t thought of as being really smart but he turns out to be smart enough. He is a very rich and of course high ranking.

His name is Freddy and he does not need a rich wife and doesn’t at all want to be married, but he agree to become engaged after his great uncle decides to leave his money(a lot of it!) to his ward Kitty, if she marries one of his great-nephews. And if she didn’t marry one of them…to leave her penniless.

Of course Kitty was only trying to make his cousin Jack jealous because she expected him to ask for her hand in marriage.

This is a really fun book to read. The ending is really wonderful too. Everyone learns a lesson especially Jack.

This is a comfort read for those rainy days when you want to just cuddle up with some hot chocolate and escape from the world.

From the back cover :

                                       A most unusual hero

Freddy is immensely rich, of course, and not bad-looking, but he’s mild-mannered, a bit hapless–not anything like his virile, handsome, rakish cousin Jack…

                           A heroine in a difficult situation

Yound Kitty Charing stands to inherit a vast fortune from her irascible and eccentric guardian–profided she marries one of his great-nephews…

                                       A sham betrothal

No sooner does Kitty arrive in London than the race for her hand begins, but between confirmed rakes and bumbling affections, Kitty needs a daring scheme.

About the Author : Georgette Heyer (1902-1974) wrote over fifty novels, including Regency romances, mysteries, and historical fiction. She was known as the Queen of Regency romance, and was legendary for her research, historical accuracy, and her extraordinary plots and characterizations.

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