Giveaway Gala (closed)

The Giveaway Gala Button

The Giveaway Gala Button

The Giveaway Gala is live!
It was supposed to start on the 26ths but the hostess at Giveaway Corner is having to be out of town and away from the computer for the weekend and decided to get the giveaway started so she could make sure there were no problems before she left.
This event has two winners.
One will win $500 of Paypal cash!
The other will win a prize donated by the CoHost : HolyClothing.
Picture of a woman in a dress.Beautiful Kalila Puff Sleeve Lace-Up Victorian Peasant Corset Dress Gown
Head on over to Giveaway Corner and start entering! There are bunches of entries so you might want to take a few days to finish them all.

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