Holiday Wish List Savings

Everyone wants Savings, especially when shopping for the holidays.  The more money you can save on each item, the more things  on your wish list you can mark off! And of course your kids wish lists, not to mention your husbands. can be very helpful with that. You can save money on flowers, Christmas decorations, party favors, gifts, and anything else you need for the Holidays. Even groceries for Christmas dinner!

I found some codes for discounts on power tools. Which might mean my hubby will get his biggest wish list item this year. They have glassware deals too, which is on my wishlist.

And for those other occasions like birthdays and valentines day there are the jewelry store codes and of course the flower shop discounts!

You can save money on items you buy every day too.  They have codes for beauty and personal care items. There are codes for dollars of toothpaste and toothbrushes! They even have savings codes for diapers.

They have coupons and codes for deals on books too. Even textbooks for college. I wish we had known about this when my husband was taking classes. We could have spent a lot less on his books.

You can search for particular items or your favorite stores and brands.  You can even search for deals in your area. There were a couple of restaurant dollars off deals in my area.  is a great place to find deals and discount codes. Check it out before your next shopping trip.



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