Things Going All Pear Shaped

Yep in the past few weeks my grandmother died, we hit a deer with the car and smushed the drivers side fenders, a tire blew up which we will have to replace, and I broke my hearing aid.

On top of that I seem to be getting an ear infection again. So it is no wonder really that things just don’t seem to go as planned lately.

I intended to get a new product review post up today but ended up fixing one of the chicken pens up for winter and then helping my mom go through some of my grandmothers things again.

My grandmother had a bunch of old papers. We had to look at all of them just to be sure it wasn’t important. Most of it was trash. She kept utility bills from 1957. She had some of her parents old bills too. Plus a lot of old newspaper clippings and gobs of pictures.

It was fun looking at the pictures though. There were some of  her when she was young. And some of my mother when she was a teenager! It is really cool to see what people looked like before I was even born.

My husband has the weekend off work too for the first time in ages. He is normally off during the week but didn’t get his normal days last week because of someone being on vacation.

Anyway I’ll get back to my normal posting schedule soon.  I have a couple of giveaways coming up soon so be sure to check back!


  1. Thank you! Yes I have had a few before too…it is just the getting to the other side that sucks. Once you are there you find yourself a lot stronger and hopefully smarter too.

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