Twenty Years Makes A Huge Difference

I recently reread Patriot Games by Tom Clancy. It was still a thrilling read. But it was published over 20 years ago. And boy have things changed.

Back then satellites were something special and using them to look at something on the ground was cutting edge. These days google earth is available for anyone to look at just about anything anywhere.

And in the book computers were still pretty unusual too. Mobile computers were pretty much unheard of. The government guys in England didn’t know for sure what Jack’s computer was until he told them. Nowadays computers are everywhere. Gas stations and grocery stores and even in purses.

And they didn’t have cameras everywhere either. Those terrorists in the book might have been caught a lot faster if there had been traffic cameras everywhere. Of course they didn’t have facial recognition software either.

And when you called someone you either didn’t get an answer or they picked up the phone. Very few answering machines back then too. And very few if any cell phones. The ones they did have back then were really bulky compared to what we have now.

And you pretty much can’t go anywhere and be out of touch. Unless you make an effort to leave the computers and phones behind you can even stay in touch in wilderness areas these days..

Huge differences. Not to mention being 20 years older and hopefully a whole lot smarter. It is still a good book. It made me a bit nostalgic. That isn’t necessarily bad. Have you reread any old books lately? Has growing older changed your view of it?


  1. Hi Elle!

    I have not read any old books but I creep into nostalgia often when I see the kids of the Y generation playing with hi-fi video games and internet games while we used to play volleyball and keep ourselves energized. I agree with you reading books that are very old of course makes you feel nostalgic and may sometimes make us feel that we are lucky to have so many gadgets around.

    1. Oh yea I remember playing outside too. These days kids seem to think that’s something weird. I’m not entirely sure all those gadgets are lucky though…I mean you can’t get away from folks anymore…even off work your boss expects you to be able to pick up the phone no matter where you are because “everyone” has a cell phone these days. Sometimes that is not good.

  2. Thanks for a useful insight. What you are mentioning is what we term as “generation gap”. Twenty years from now the generation then, reading books of our time, will also get the same feeling that you are getting now. Technology moves at a great speed.

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