Winter Wonderland In Arkansas – Nov. 2011

The trees covered in snow out my back door.

Woke up this morning and there was a Winter Wonderland outside my door!

The trees covered in snow out my back door.
Out my back door.

The woods on the way to town were really pretty too. My husband took a few pictures while we were on the way to his work. Only a couple of them came out good.

Snow on the woods on the way to town.
Snowy woods.


Picture of snowy trees on the way to town.
More snowy woods.

This is a very small town (about 50 houses) we pass through on the way to and from the big town.

Small town center covered in snow.
Small town dressed up in snow.

And last but not least: the trees in front of my house taken on the way home. Aren’t they lovely?

Pine trees with snow on.
Snowy Pines.


Oak tree with snowy limbs.
Snow laced Oak tree.


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