You Could Be A Model According To Alicia Kaback

Alycia Kaback runs Kaback Model Management, a commercial/print management company based in New York City and Philadelphia. This is a sister company of their runway division.

Their models have appeared in TV shows such as Blue Bloods and Gossip Girl as well as motion pictures such as Men in Black 3 and Transformers.

Runway modeling makes up only 2% of the industry. The other 98% is commercial/print work such as the kid in the Roy’s R Us ad or the older guy in the Advil commercial.  There are in fact many modeling jobs for people who are not runway thin and 6 feet tall.

I really had no idea that there was so much modeling work out there.  All those ads on TV and in magazines and even online need models and actors.  That adds up to lots of opportunity.

I never really wanted to be a model myself.  I feel too self conscious when people are looking at me…as if I dribbled something down my shirt without noticing.  Some of my friends did some modeling for local stores back in high school. They probably had no idea that they could make a living doing that.

Modeling isn’t easy and the hardest part is finding the work. That is where the agent/manager comes in. They find modeling jobs and casting calls and match them to the models. Having a  good well connected management company on your side can be the difference between success and failure.

Kaback Model Management is looking for some fresh faces they can turn into successful models. They have clients in the United States and abroad and placement opportunities worldwide. So if you were dreaming of modeling…check them out.

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