Holiday Themed Zenni Optical Frames

Green eyeglass frames.

Holiday themed Zenni Optical Frames are coming to town! Zenni Optical makes cheap eyeglasses for everyday use. They also have some frames that come in festive holiday colors!

My favorites are these pretty green frames :Green eyeglass frames.

They have some red ones and some silvery ones too! Of course there are lots of other colors as well but those seem to me to be the ones most suitable for the holidays. If you like blue or purple however…you can find frames to suit! Go look for yourself and let us know what you find!

These would make nice stocking stuffers for just about anyone who wears glasses. Especially reading glasses.

They are very affordable as you can get some for as low as 6.95! And all thier glasses come with anti-scratch coating, full UV protection, a protective case, and microfiber cleaning cloth.

The shipping is reasonable too. USA shipping for an entire order is 4.95(international is 9.95) and if your order is more than $50 the shipping is free in the US!

Zenni can do this by cutting out the middleman and having practically no advertising budget. They only manufacture and sell their own brand Zenni.

This is really great because you can spend the money you save on glasses (that you HAVE to have) on something that you WANT. The last time my husband got glasses they cost well over 200 dollars…if we known about Zenni at the time we could have spent less than half that! We could have spent that money on Christmas presents for our grand-kids.

We will know better next time. And now so will you!

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