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Love For A Lifetime Book cover

Love For A Lifetime Book coverLove for a Lifetime: Daily Wisdom and Wit for a Long and Happy Marriage. I won this book a while back by entering a giveaway on Sweeps4bloggers.

This book is made up of nuggets of advice on marriage gathered from readers of the Tennessean, friends, family, bloggers, and a few from marriage and relationship counselors.

There are a lot of them. 365 in fact. One for every day of the year. You could wait and read one every day if you like…then try to practice that particular advice. I couldn’t do that though…I just HAD to keep reading.

It is good advice too. Most of it common sense like not talking bad about each other, not being mean when fighting, and always say thank you.

There are a few funny ones too. I particularly liked one by a man who said that he was the boss in their marriage- he made sure everything she wanted got done!

Another lady said that you should never go to bed mad-stay up and throw things!


From the back cover :

Every couple for whom marriage is forever unearths nuggets of wisdom along the way. In Love for a Lifetime: Daily Wisdom and Wit for a Long and Happy Marriage, columnist Mary Hance shares a wealth of golden tips, collected far and wide from young couples just setting out to those whose wedding vows still echo through half a century and more. Here are a few:

• “ Throw the word fair out the window. In one year of a marriage, one person may need 99 percent of the love, effort, or focus of the other; another year, it may be just the opposite.”

• “What my father always told me when I was planning my wedding: ‘You have to want to have a marriage, not just a wedding. Remember the difference.’”

• “Learn fast that the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence!”

• “After several years of marriage, there is no way I’m training another husband, so I will just keep the one I have!”

About The Author :

Mary Hance (a.k.a. Ms. Cheap) writes a frugal-consumer column for the Tennessean, the leading daily newspaper in Nashville. She is also the author of Ms. Cheap’s Guide to Nashville and Ms. Cheap’s Guide to Getting More for Less. A native of Senatobia, Mississippi, Hance graduated with honors from the University of the South at Sewanee, with a degree in English.

For more about her you can check out the Mary Hance page on the Tennessean site.  You can also follow @Ms_Cheap on Twitter.





  1. Wonderful book! I think though many of them might be basic but they must be the ones that we often forget. Anyone who is buying the book and at least making efforts to implement the advices can reduce or avoid many of the problems. After all, they are the ones which have already been experienced by others.

    1. You are right…the basic ones are the ones we forget easiest. And that is what we need help with most…

      It isn’t easy either. Some of them were things I hadn’t even thought of. It helps to be reminded.

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