GlitzSee Motion Activated Purse Light

glitzsee motion activated purse light.

The GlitzSee motion activated purse light isn’t all that big.
glitzsee motion activated purse light.

It does put out a pretty big light though!
lighted glitzee purse light.I tried to take some pics of it it in drawers but they didn’t come out too good. No way am I going to show anyone a picture of the inside of my purse! I’m not even sure what’s in there.

This is a great little light! It is really bright. I dropped it down into our junk drawer this evening when it was dark in the room and it lit the whole thing up really good.

It should be great for finding your phone or keys down in your purse. Or if you are coming home in the dark and forgot to leave the porch light on you can use it to find your keyhole!

It has a little hook so you can attach it to your keyring or to your purse or an id card where you can find it easy. I’m thinking about hooking it on the zipper of my purse.  It is battery operated and you just turn it on and give it a shake to make it light up.

As you can see it is gem shaped and gem colored too!  They now have heart shapes as well as three new colors!

Picture of different colors of GlitzSee Purse Light.

It comes in amethyst, aquamarine, ruby, peridot, and pink tourmaline. They sell for $14.95 each. For more information please visit the GlitzSee website.

The wonderful folks at GlitzSee sent me this purse light to review.  I recieved no other compensation.


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