Losing Internet Access This Evening

We will be moving the computers this evening sometime so I will not  have access to the internet for a bit.

The cable company said a service guy would be out in the morning to run a line and turn the service on but that is what they said the last time we moved. Last time they were running late and we had to go all weekend without T.V. or internet.

This time they scheduled for a Monday so even if they do get behind or something it shouldn’t be that long.

I have plenty of books to read so it won’t bother me much. My husband will really miss his Facebook though.

That says something not so good about the state of the world these days…if lack of access to the internet can make us feel like our lives are messed up…that just isn’t right. Of course some folks feel that way about the T.V. too.

On the other hand it is really too cold to be doing much outside right now. What did people used to do on winter evenings before T.V. and internet? Maybe we should check into that.

I’ll see you folks when my net is back up!



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