Moving Sucks! Storage Bins Make It Easier

We are moving again. And I am NOT a happy camper. I will be happy when it’s over of course. In the meantime both places are a mess and I am tired.

We (actually my husband) found out that using storage bins to move books makes that a lot easier.

We (actually me) have 5 tall and 2 short bookshelves. Filled with books. Both hardback and paperback. One shelf of books will fit in a storage bin. Bigger bins would hold more but then they hard to carry and if you have to up and down steps (we do) that isn’t a good thing.

If you have enough bins (we don’t) you could move all the books and shelves at once and just put the books straight back on the shelves. That way you don’t have to go through and organize again.

I like having my books separated into groups, the science fiction in its own section, then the romances, the westerns, the horror and thrillers, and the non-fiction and each section by alphabet. That way I always know where any particular book is.

Right now they are all in the floor of the back room in the house we are moving too. We didn’t know exactly where the shelves were going to fit so we had to get them all moved first. So I still have a lot of work to do going through them and putting them up.

I will be getting rid of some of them too. More giveaways for you guys!

We will still have the storage bins to use after the move too. You can store winter clothes during the summer or just stuff you don’t need very often. Mice can’t get in them! We also store chicken feed in one. And we made a small chicken coop out of one too. Very useful things they are.


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