Organizing And Decorating And Going Crazy

We have gotten just about everything moved in to the new place now. There are a few things we haven’t got yet but all the big things are moved.

I keep forgetting my plants. They are very hardy so should be ok another day or two. I really need to remember to get them though.

This place is bigger and we have not yet figured out how to arrange things so they really look good.  My mom has done most of that sort of thing. I’m not really good at decorating and she is.

The phone still hasn’t been hooked up. AT&T claim it has been but it isn’t working. They were supposed to send a tech out today and find out what was wrong. They couldn’t (or wouldn’t) say what time the tech might get here other than sometime between 7 am and 7 pm.

Apparently AT&T doesn’t have anyone capable of figuring out schedules. Make a note next time you move…make them check the phones before they leave the first time. I would have done that but he didn’t even bother letting us know he was here(if he actually was).

We may have to consider an alternative phone system. The cable isn’t always on either so not sure that would work.

Cell phone reception here is pretty much non-existant. And I haven’t yet found a cell phone that will work with hearing aids. The cell we have I can’t hear on. I have a cap-tel phone to use for emergencies. And for talking to family and friends. It needs a land line to work.

Anyone have any suggestions? My husband is going nuts without his phone. I already went.

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