The Help A Novel by Kathryn Stockett Review

The Help a Novel by Kathryn Stockett

The Help a Novel by Kathryn StockettThe Help is a really wonderful book! Me and my husband had rented and watched the movie a while back and we both really liked it.

Since the movie was so good I figured the book had to be really good. Books are usually a lot better than the movies. Even when the movie makers do a really good job they can’t get everything into a movie. There just isn’t time. So books are better just because they have MORE of the story.

In this case I was definitly right. There is a lot more in the book than what they managed to get in the movie. They did do a really good job with the movie…but you would have to make several movies to get everything from the book.

And they changed a few things in the movie too. I like the book better. It seems more realistic. And it explains things better.

It is about the relationship between white women and thier black maids in the town of Jackson, Mississippi back in the early 1960s. It is about the love and hate between them. And the fear.

It brought back memories too. I wasn’t born till a few years after the time this book starts…but I can remember some places still being segregated. The Doctors office my mom took me to when I was 3 or 4…not sure how old I was…I could barely see over the half door that seperated the two waiting rooms though. And I didn’t understand why I couldn’t go in and play with the little girls in there.

The schools were already integrated when I started though. I don’t remember ever even knowing it hadn’t been…till we studied it in high school. It seems really shocking these days to read about how things were back then.  But it was only about 50 years ago. Not all that long.

In any case if you want know how things were in the south back in the 1960s this book seems to be pretty accurate. And even if it wasn’t it is still a danged good story. Makes you wish you could know the characters. If you haven’t read it yet…go get it and read it. It is definitly worth the effort.

For the record I bought my own copy of this book and I didn’t get paid for saying it is good. Though if anyone wants to offer me some money…I could sure use it!


  1. Hopping by from the Alexa group!
    I read The Help this summer but haven’t seen the movie. Other than the bad language, I enjoyed the book very much. It was really eye-opening for me. Although I knew what segregation was (historically), I had never really considered how far some people went.

  2. I loved this book and the movie, I actually thought the movie in certain parts was better than the book. I didn’t like the ending of the book at all it seemed sort of hopeless :(

  3. My parents actually lived their in this time period and I have heard a few stories from them that really increases my interest in this book, I have seen the film and I usually sit on the opposite site of the fence to the masses. I have never read a book that is better than a film, I love to sit back and turn off with tunnel vision on a film but usually cannot be bothered with a book. I will have a read and see what I think though as it is true that there is often more content in the book.

  4. Hey, visiting you through the Alexa hop. I’m excited to read this book. I’ve got a few ahead of it to read though so it’ll be some time yet.

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  5. I loved the Help! I haven’t seen the film yet even though I got it for Christmas. Have to pick a time to watch it when my daughter is not around–she is too young!

  6. I’ve seen the movie ‘The Help’, and quite liked it. Though I’m still to lay my hands on the novel. I would be interested to know more stuff around the American state in the Civil rights era, and as you said, the book has much more to offer than the movie, I guess it’ll make an insightful read for me. Thanks for the review!!!

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