Having Fun With Captain Fussybuckets

Over on Life With Captain Fussybuckets you will find a variety of posts. There are deals and reviews and giveaways. My favorite posts though are the ones about her kids, Captain Fussybuckets and baby D.

Anyone with kids will find these posts interesting and sometimes helpful. Even if you don’t have kids they are fun to read. She has posted about seperation anxiety, the different sleep patterns of her kids, toddler education, and cooking as well as facts about her kids.

She makes you see them as individual people and not just generic kids. I sort of feel like a friend of the family already without ever having actually met them.  I like that.

One of her recent posts included a recipe for making an omlet that kids can actually help with. I’m gonna try this myself even though I don’t have any kids around to help. Because it looks easy and simple and healty too(no grease).

The post is actually about letting kids be messy and have fun. The post also includes information about where you can find more recipes for fun activities for kids and where you can enter a sweepstakes  to win money for a kids party.

I hope she wins. I’m sure she could use a big party. Catered preferably.

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