Monetize Your Blog By Writing Sponsored Posts For Social Spark

set your price start getting paid with social spark

set your price start getting paid with social spark

Edit : Social Spark is Now Izea Marketplace, and you can now make money off several of your social media accounts there, including Twitter and Facebook, as well as your blog.

Social Spark is one of the few programs that I have actually made money with.  I have reached the payout amount once so far amd I’m almost there again.

I like Social Spark for several reasons. One is that they use no follow links ins all their posts. That means you can’t get in trouble with Google! So if you are trying to get higher page rank this program won’t hurt you. They also include a disclosure statement at the bottom of each post.

It also works for Blogger and several other platforms as well as for self hosted wordpress blogs.

Another good thing is that you can set your own price. If you don’t want to bother with writing posts for less than $10 then you can set that in your account settings. You can negotiate the price of deals too if you would like more than they are offering.

They also have pretty good customer service. The only two times I have had to use it they got back to me within a day about my problem.

They only thing I didn’t really like was that you write your posts on their site and you have to give them permission to post to your blog. So you need to set up a special account for that. Just create an author account and give them the log in info for that.

In order to sign up you must have your own blog  that is written in english or spanish. Your blog  must contain original content, and must be at least 90 days old and have 20 posts that were writting in the last 90 days.

It also can’t have anything illegal, excessive profanity, adult content, or advocate anything illegal.

Their interface is pretty easy to use. If you do sign up for Social Spark I would appreciate you using my link! And holler at me if you have any questions.


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